My advice to all those who want to lose weight.

If you have a tendency to be overweight or obese you  must realize it is necessary for regular monitoring of your body weight – weighing yourself at least once a week.
Mistakes we make in feeding can be minimized by keeping a running diary in which you will write your daily food intake and the number of calories consumed per day.
Ensure not to commit the following mistakes in nutrition, which must be avoided:
irregular eating
not eating breakfast, and too abundant, late half-eaten dinner
fast food
and topping up your plate
unconscious eating while watching television or reading
moderating food falsely
eat too little vegetables, fruits and liquids
eating fatty foods, fried foods and sweets.
Move more, eg by increasing walking (for example every 30 minutes for the maintenance of body weight and another 30 minutes for weight loss). Plan for each regular recreational physical activity.
Of course, seek specialist medical advice, especially if:
You are beyond obesity with diabetes, hypertension, heart disease,
have any gynecological problems (difficulties getting pregnant, menstrual disorders, are using oral contraceptives or hormone replacement therapy)
have advocated the so-called quick weight loss, such as before surgery or
thinking about quitting smoking (cigarettes) .

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