Special Offer for Pensioners.


We have a special off for all people on holiday here in Tenerife. We are offering a special exercise on the beach with stunning views. This will help with circulation and lymph system cleanse which leads to a longer life. Edislim will give you a gentle workout that you can do at home and she will be available for any questions regarding your health and fitness. You will also meet new interesting like minded people. Email edziag7@wp.pl for more information times and dates.


Private lessons.

50 min Private training for flat belly. Prywatnego treningu na

plaski brzuch  — 2oE

 Pol godz 30mins Prywatnego treningu na

Private training for muscular arms. pieknie umiesnione ramiona — 10E

50 min Private traing for legs. Prywatnego treningu na

zgrabne nogi  — 20E

1 godz Private training for all body. Prywatnego treningu na cale

cialo — 25E

 1 litr 1 litre of juice for fat burning. Soku na pozbycie

sie tkanki tluszczowej — 12E

 1 litr Lose weight special. Soku wspomagajacy

odchudzanie — 13E

 1 litr Strong immune system. Soku wzmacniajacy uklad

odpornosciowy — 12E

1 litr Perfect metabolism. Soku na prawidlowa

przemiane materii — 13E

1godz 1 Hour advise on diet. Porad dietetycznych — 25E

45 min Exercises for preegnant women.

Cwiczen dla kobiet

w ciazy — 20E